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Intuition Is Tied to Luck



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Intuition + Luck = Happiness(?)

Is there a connection between intuition and luck?

And if so…why do you care?

Lucky people tend to listen to their intuition, which helps them to avoid bad situations and maximize good opportunities.

How to use this to your advantage, especially if you don’t tend to think of yourself as “lucky?”

If you want to do something…anything…don’t let your brain talk you out of doing it.  It’s all too easy to say, “Oh, I’m not good enough (or smart enough or prepared enough, etc.)” despite your intuition telling you that there’s a great opportunity on tap just waiting for you to take advantage of it!

How many of us have gotten involved in a bad relationship, even though there were warning bells going off in our heads?  Or trusted someone with something sensitive, even though we had a funny feeling that we perhaps shouldn’t?  We let our heads or hearts override our golden gut instinct…our precious intuition.

We shouldn’t.

You can better develop your intuition by taking some quiet time for yourself, when you can think and reflect.  Meditation, long bubble baths, walks in the woods, fishing, and prayer are just a few exercises that will allow for you to contemplate the inner workings of your thoughts and feelings.

You should do this even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.  You cannot stay disconnected from your intuition and just race around from task to task all day until you fall into bed at night.  It’s not healthy, and you can’t possibly be happy that way.

To be fair, unlucky people have the same amount of bad luck that lucky people do.  The difference is that lucky people tend to find ways to take the bad luck that they have and remix it into a song of success.  But the best way to move forward is to be in touch with your WHY or reason for living and to pay attention to your instincts or intuition.

When you’re living your life in true alignment with your authentic self, and you stop focusing on busywork that doesn’t help you achieve your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals which allow for your WHY to flourish, you’ll listen more intently to your intuition, which is simply your soul speaking its unfiltered, unvarnished and unplugged truth.

Luck is the residue of design.  Design a life that’s more in alignment with the truth contained within your soul…and for certain, you’re feel happier, luckier and healthier sooner or later.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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