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Welcome! I’m Stacey Storino, Esq., Founder and CEO of Woman-101, a company whose mission is to provide quality training, support and guidance for working women, so that they can survive and thrive in even the most punishing of corporate cultures.

Our Creation Story

From 1998 until 2015, I was a hardcore litigator in New York State, representing (as lead associate at firms I worked for) multi-billion dollar clients (including the owners of Rockefeller Center and the AriZona Beverage Brand) on multi-million dollar claims, lawsuits and/or transactions…and I loved it! My clients were wonderful and I achieved wonderful things for them.

In 2015 I became a certified life coach whose clientele consisted solely of women who worked at the top of their industries:  doctor, lawyer, CPA, hardcore entrepreneur, etc. I maintain my license to practice law, but I’ve fallen in love with helping others to be better, braver businesswomen who achieve the kind of work-life balance they’ve been yearning for.

A few of my life coaching clients asked if I could come up with an online course for them so that they could have access to my step-by-step program 24/7, at their own convenience, which led to the creation of my flagship course, Bravery University.  Hence Woman-101 was born, and additional trainings have been birthed ever since!

our creed

Women-101’s creed is very simple–personally or professionally or both, whatever you do, you should do in a way that you can “Be Wise With Your Heart.”

our icon

Opa the Owl is the Woman-101 icon, the company mascot.  She’s wise, she’s strong and she’s adorable–all things that I hope you feel are true about yourself now.

Opa the Owl

Opa the Owl

If not…in time, with the training, support and guidance that you can find through Woman-101-related programming, you should come to believe that you are wiser, stronger and beautiful in your own eyes and the eyes of others.

our rituals

With Woman-101, there are several rituals that can provide you with the support you need to brave your way through another challenging day:  (1) logging in to Woman-101’s programming at your convenience, with lessons that are fast, neat, complete and discreet; (2) visiting our blog for a brief daily dose of encouragement; (3) enjoying Woman-101’s uplifting videos on our YouTube Channel; and (4) becoming a free member of our Hoot-Whoot Club, where you’ll get freebies (including free eBooks otherwise sold on Amazon), discounts, sales, notifications and scoops on new Woman-101 products.

our sacred words

If you’re looking to download wisdom, mainline moxie and otherwise remain polished and professional while making your way through the pressure cooker of your day, you want to be a Woman-101 Wise Owl.  If you’re a member of the FREE Hoot-Whoot Club, you’ll find access to our inner circle to be one that’s uplifting and supportive…full of options with sassy sophistication to spare!

You can be wise without being “old”…age is but a number and right now, the only number you need to worry about is Numero Uno–YOU.  Even if you have a family, you know the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, no one’s happy.”  Be a happy, healthy, smart and strong Wise Owl for your good and the good of all you know and love.