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How to Change Your Life With Only One Question



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Change your life big-time by asking yourself the most important question possible

Now, it’s a seemingly short and simple question—but the answer you give will have the biggest impact on everything you say and do from now on. You can’t reboot the operating system of your life without first knowing: What’s your WHY?

It’s an oddball query, but stick with me.

Your WHY is your reason for living and as you grow and change as a person, that WHY will evolve with you. Your WHY is your North Star; it guides you through the journey of life. Follow it and no matter what happens, you may face challenges but you’ll never be lost.

Careful! Don’t give a “Miss America” answer—one that’ll get the least amount of flak possible from others, but has been sanitized to death. If you fret about living a life that’s “acceptable” to others you’re cheating yourself.  Be real and honest…maybe for the first time in your life.

Your WHY is the entire point of why you’re living your life—so come up with a sentence or two that boils down the essence of who you really are and what you really want. Write the answer down, type it up…whatever medium works. Distill down into black and white what you honestly believe are your rights, needs and desires and how they’re best accomplished by living in harmony with your WHY.

What makes your heart happy? If you feel the answer is NOTHING because you’re in a bad place, stop, breathe deeply, and then think…if you COULD be happy again, what would that take?

Harness your WHY properly; it’ll provide you with the drive to get from here (where you currently are and don’t like) to there (the achievement of your heart’s desire a/k/a living a life in harmony with your WHY).

Is it hard to answer this question? That’s OK. How often have you done work like this before? Probably not ever.  So many of us go from activity to activity and chore to chore, so that we deal with the business of living without taking the time to craft the life we really want to live!

So take a “time out” from the craziness of the everyday hustle and answer a question that sounds sincerely dumb at first but is actually extremely profound—What is your WHY?

Now hang up a written or printed out version of your WHY somewhere that you’ll see it every single day, because this is the new filter through which all of your thoughts, words and deeds should be sent.

From now on, if something works with your WHY, then it goes through the filter and you think it, say it or do it. If something doesn’t resonate with your WHY, forget it.  That’s how you change your life for the better with just one question. It works!

Want to explore your WHY some more?  I like the book Start With Why, by author Simon Sinek, available on Amazon.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
100% guaranteed & spam-free!