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The Success Ritual to Remix the Song of Your Life



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If the song of your life stinks, remix it with a success ritual that only takes a few minutes a day!

If you’ve been following the Woman-101 blog, then you know the importance of having a WHY—a driving vision for how you’d like to have your life to be.  You also know that, like it or not, you need S-M-A-A-R-T goals to help you live according to that WHY.  But having a daily goal-setting ritual in place when times are tough is key.

Having a daily goal-setting ritual is hardcore commitment to goal-setting, but it’s worthwhile work and costs mere minutes.

C’mon, you say.  I have enough to do every single day.  Preach, but if you don’t have a daily ritual to elevate goal-setting to “top of mind consciousness” you’ll fall out of the habit of persistently and consistently working on those goals which means you don’t live in harmony with your WHY.

It’s like exercising—everyone starts working out in January each year, but by March, almost everyone’s commitment has waned or vanished.  Why?

Working out wasn’t a daily commitment.  That’s why.

The good news?  The commitment doesn’t involve 45 minutes to an hour or longer for a daily goal-setting ritual to be effective.  But skipping a day and making a promise to yourself that you’ll be back to the grind tomorrow doesn’t work out in the long run.  That’s applicable to workouts and goal-setting rituals alike.

Granted, the first day you sit down to set up your goal-setting ritual, it might take about an hour’s worth of time.  That’s when you’ll be focused on setting believable and achievable goals, sending them through the S-M-A-A-R-T goal filter and laying plans to psyche out self-sabotage.

Hold on!  Once you’ve done the initial work of examining the verse that is your present life, set up the refrain that is your worthy WHY and then created the chorus related to your goals, you don’t have to invest an hour per session; your goal-setting ritual should only take you about 10 minutes daily.

What does this 10-minute a day goal setting ritual involve?  You review your written down (or typed up) goal-related materials and keep the music of your goals—and your WHY—burned into your brain!  Repetition is key.  (Hey, it works for the Billboard Hot 100).

To reprogram both your conscious and subconscious mind, daily “recording sessions,” ensuring perfect harmony between your goals and your WHY is a must.   Examine the progress you’ve made on baby step goals, short-term goals and even long-term ones.  If you’ve been successful, take a moment to celebrate.  You deserve it!

If not, spend some time figuring out why.  Unforeseen challenges may have popped up and you had to regroup…or perhaps you fell out of integrity with yourself.

No worries!  Just recalculate and be flexible moving forward.  Have compassion for yourself if you came up short.  Ask yourself: “What can I do tomorrow that will help me achieve my goals so I can live out my WHY?”

Make your 10-minute goal setting ritual pleasant.  For example, do it while relaxing in a hot bath, or cozying up to a cold beverage.  Play some music in the background that will inspire you and psyche you up—or, if you’re nervous about pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, play something that will get you grounded and relaxed.  The more fun you have, the more likely you’ll keep up with the habit.

10 minutes a day is, like, nothing by itself, but when you harness it to re-mix the song of your life, well, that’s some beautiful music you’re making.

Want to explore success rituals more?  Try the book, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer, available on Amazon.



7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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