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How to Be Organized for Best Success



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Organized for Success

Organized Lives Are Successful Ones!

Get organized for best success…in life, love…quite frankly, in everything.

If the scales of your life are off balance, it does you no good.  One of the best ways to recalibrate your life and find a healthy balance is to get anything that screams “hot mess” under control.

Whether you get organized during a Power Hour or you take time out elsewhere to handle this task, you must spend time and effort organizing your life.  Sweep the decks clean for success to come aboard on the ship that’s your life.

A primal scream housecleaning is really just Phase One of “Operation Organized.”  If you’re a bless this mess kind of person, you’re likely engaging in self-sabotaging behavior by living in so much upheaval that honestly, how can you be expected to do anything more than what you’re already doing?  I mean, life’s just so cray-cray, right?

Um…no.  Busted.

Once you’ve cleaned up the disaster area that are your living quarters, claim some space as your personal home office (presuming, of course, that you don’t have one already).

Granted, you may be living in a loft or a very small apartment or co-op, so there may not be a square to spare in terms of square footage. Well, go be innovative like the HEROINE that you are (or aspire to become).  Either find a way or make one.  If your office is more of a mobile office that you pack down into a backpack or other bag or box when you’re done working through the day’s Power Hour, so be it.

Just know if that’s how you have to roll, there’s no shame in that game.  Lots of successful folks have had similar humble beginnings and have gone on to be enormously successful.  Being organized gave them a major leg up on their rise to the top.

For example, Khan Academy began in a converted walk-in closet in Sal Khan’s Silicon Valley home.  What began as one man tutoring his cousin while working out of said closet ultimately grew into an 80-person organization today, which runs a global classroom.

Don’t like that example?  Well, you can fly from the West Coast where Khan Academy began to the East Coast, where in Manhattan it’s commonplace for closet space to be organized into living space…or at least be supra-organized and optimized in terms of storage space.

Bottom line?  You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Think outside the box and you’ll find the space for your office, where you’ll work on your WHY-related Master Plan one Power Hour at a time.

Get clean, neat and organized so that you can get to your WHY and the life of your dreams without tripping over too many piles and/or getting overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter and confusion along the way.

The best book in years on this very topic is:  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, available on Amazon.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
100% guaranteed & spam-free!