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Bullseye Networking


How to Hit a Bullseye While Networking

Bullseye; it’s the center of the target you’re shooting at, whether it’s in the real-life activity or it’s in the world of networking, where you’re adding ideal contacts to your circle of influence.

As your WHY, your reason for living, and the S.M.A.A.R.T. goals related to them become an increasing focus in your life, you’ll need to recruit people to join your Dream Team.  These folks will mentor you, inspire you, support you and help you in any way imaginable.  Granted, you may not initially have enough of them organically in your life.  That’s okay.

That’s why you take up target practice and start shooting for the bullseye that is the Winner’s Circle of life.  The right tribe of folks are found there and will work with you.  But you have to get to them first.

Relationships are key to success in anything.  If you’re surrounded by nastiness and a bunch of human beings that collectively serve as a celebration of inappropriateness, the longer you work towards your WHY, the more inclined you’ll be to replace the FRANKS you currently have with a new set of FRANKS.  Well, you’ll need to network to move from the outer rings of the target that is life to the center, where the coveted bullseye of contacts are.

When it comes to networking in relation to your WHY, you have to be rock-solid as to what your WHY is in every conceivable way.  When your WHY is so real to you that you can practically smell it or taste it, you’ve got all the leverage that’s necessary for you to network your way out of the circle of influence you’re already in (if necessary) to a new and improved one.

Once you’re there, you’ll likely continue to narrow the field down to who you need to be networking with, what they’re doing (and/or what you need to be doing), when it’s best to approach them, where you’ll find them and how you’ll go about making connections with them.

That may involve traveling places you normally wouldn’t, doing things you have little to no experience (yet) doing.  Start today to dare yourself on a daily basis to get out of your comfort zone, meet more people and see what FRANKS you should be bothering with, where those relationships are more conducive to reaching and/or living out your WHY.

As you grow and change, those who used to surround you either drop away or you’re backing away from them.  That’s part of the process.  Your vibe attracts your tribe.  If you’re rebooting your life, it’s time for a different tribe, which means you have to start sending out a very different vibe.  You’re narrowing your focus from the outer rings of the target of life to the innermost ring, where the bullseye of the life of your dreams awaits.  Not everyone’s going to make the journey with you.  It’s all right; stay strong.

Persistently and consistently keep networking every chance you can so your circle of influence grows and changes—until you’re standing in that winner’s circle of life, enjoying that awesome WHY of yours.  You may not be there this moment, but if you sharpen your focus, you’ll hit that target where you need to; you need never stay stuck where you are.

If you want to increase your networking prowess (even if you’re NOT in sales, LOL), try the book, The Little Black Book of Connections, by Jeffrey H. Gitomer, available on Amazon.

If you’re in network marketing (quite frankly, this book’s great even if you’re not) try: Rock Your Network Marketing Business, by Sarah Robbins, available on Amazon.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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