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4 Steps to Optimize Your Self-Belief



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self-belief river

Want to optimize your self-belief?  Here’s how!

Your self-belief may be buried at the foot of the riverbed of life.  Or you may feel like you’re nothing but a river dashing yourself against the rocks of your hard life.  Know, however, that a river can cut through rock, but only if it consistently and persistently keeps running over said rock, never letting up for a moment.

If you feel that optimizing your sense of self-belief is a task that’s hard as a rock, with your efforts seeming watery or weak, to the point where you can’t change things so they go your way…well, guess again.

Sure, you need to shift your beliefs so they’re in alignment with your WHY.  Yes, you must alter your viewpoint regarding the achievability of the goals needed to transport you to a life harmonious with that WHY.  But how do you optimize your sense of self-belief so that you don’t wreck your goals through self-sabotage?

Step One: Tell your inner critic to shut up. You’re your own worst enemy!  Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way, you’re right.  So seriously, kick that negative Nelly chatterbox voice in your head to the curb. She stinks. You deserve better.

Step Two: Remix your weaknesses into strengths…and therefore increase your sense of self-belief (self-esteem).  You’re not shy; you’re reflective.  You’re not stubborn; you attack things with single-minded determination.  You’re not inflexible; you’re organized.  You’re not boring; you’re responsible.  See?

Step Three: Who is it that you admire?  Take the positive attributes of that individual and see how many parallels can be drawn between them and you—if not in word and deed, then in terms of their weaknesses and strengths.  Can you see how you can be a great woman yourself, if only you emulated more of what that person is all about?

Step Four: Positivity is your new watchword.  While in pursuit of your WHY you should be happy, positive and motivated to reach or accomplish the S.M.A.A.R.T goals related to it.  WHY-related goals should be rungs on a ladder to climb up to success, not obstacles and challenges blocking your way.

If you find yourself self-sabotaging or in any way having negative beliefs about yourself, trot out that WHY and reflect on it.  Every time you gravitate towards negativity, redirect yourself back to your WHY, towards positivity in general.

You’re replacing a bad habit (negativity) with a new, good one, so this takes practice and repetition before it gets easier, admittedly.  But it’s still worthwhile work.  That’s the best way to sculpt a life living in harmony with your WHY out of the otherwise uninspiring rock that is your current life.  Be the artist who frees the vision of your WHY from the stone through the persistent and consistent effort that’s required to chisel it free.

Want to further optimize your sense of self-belief?  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is for you; find it on Amazon.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
100% guaranteed & spam-free!