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Forward Motion to Get Unstuck



7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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Forward Motion is Key!

What if, while were moving forward in terms of achieving S.M.A.A.R.T. goals, you get stuck?  You know, you find yourself mired in the functional equivalent of quicksand, with no traction to gain and losing hope fast….

Keep moving forward is the best advice.

The diss I probably just earned from you is very likely:  Sure, easy for you to say!

I get it.

Still, it doesn’t change my advice.  Not one bit.

If you don’t continue to expand, you’ll contract.  All that growth you worked so hard for?  It’ll disappear like a line in the sand once a hard wind blows.

If you increasingly steel yourself to push past the boundaries of your comfort zone to achieve your goals and then you stop, that steel will rust.  You must continue to evolve, you must keep progressing forward or the ability and/or desire to achieve that WHY of yours will perish.  Period.

That’s why assembling a Dream Team is so critical for you.  Even if you have a run of “beginner’s luck” as you make change happen in your life, eventually you’re going to hit a snag.  A roadblock.  A gatekeeper who doesn’t want to budge.  Then what do you do?

Let your Dream Team advise you, support you and comfort you.  They’ll help get things right side up so you can keep moving forward, in a new and improved way.

Then, no matter what, get back in the saddle and ride forward as soon as possible before inertia catches up with you.

Sure, you have to assess the damage, find the gift in the garbage of the failure so that you can make some distinctions and move forward in a different and perhaps better manner.  Enjoy the support and input that a great Dream Team can give you; sometimes they can solve the problem on your behalf, although most of the time girl, it’s up to you.  They’ll just crowd-source support for you, financial and/or otherwise.  Great.

BUT you MUST keep moving forward ASAP, as the HEROINE in your life story, out to vanquish all of the challengers who would block you from living in harmony with your WHY.  We can’t let evil prevail, can we?

I didn’t think so.

Want more help getting unstuck?  Try the book:  Failing Forward, by John C. Maxwell, available on Amazon.



7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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