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Visualization: How to Improve Your Luck



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visualization and luck


Visualization Can Be a Useful Key to Unlock Better Luck!

Some people think visualization is nothing but a crock.

Is it?

Or is it a technique that can help you dial up your luck?

Visualization is defined as the formation of mental visual images.  Sounds simple enough….

But how does this seemingly simplistic technique actually work to make us luckier?  It’s best to have you dive in and attempt it super quickly, so you can understand it better as we go.

Try to conjure up an image of something that, if luck were on your side, you could achieve.  In fact, while using your imagination, try using all five senses.

So while engaging in this exercise, ask yourself:  what does your desired item or circumstance look like?  Feel like?  Sound like?  Smell like?  Taste like?

Hold up!  You don’t think taste fits into what you’re visualizing, per se?  If it doesn’t directly factor in, try imaging that after you accomplish or achieve X [insert your desired item/circumstance here], you’re enjoying a celebratory drink.   You know, a champagne toast or something along those lines.  (Go for an upgrade and add strawberries and chocolates into this vision; why not?).

Not your thing?  Perhaps you can imagine the varied tastes (sweet, sour, savory/salty) from a celebratory meal you get to have once you’ve achieved or accomplished X.

See, you need to get creative, but before you know it, you’ve got a three-dimensional experience on tap, as opposed to a two-dimensional, half-hearted one!  And while that’s fun and all, you might wonder why it’s important to engage in an exercise like this in the first place.  You’re busy; the last thing on Earth you need is busywork.

Here’s why it’s important to give creative visualization a sincere go:  experts say that creative visualization ultimately involves the assistance of your subconscious mind.  It’ll absorb your (imagined) sensory input, process it and then reflect back the information and inspiration necessary for you to make the connection(s) between your current fantasy and, if you take the proper steps, your future reality.

Whether some sort of magnetic force or the “Law of Attraction” comes into play when you do this is debatable.

What is not debatable is that your brain will, sooner or later, crack the code of whatever you present it as long as you’re consistent and persistent with your visualization efforts.

A part of your brain is known as the reticular activating system; it’s the mechanism through which relevant information is brought to your brain’s attention.  It takes instructions from your conscious mind and filters them to your subconscious mind, where some serious background data processing work occurs.

You see, your conscious mind can’t do all of that heavy lifting because it’s too busy handling all of the other data it’s confronted with while you go about the business of daily living.  Otherwise, you’d literally be overwhelmed with data, unable to do anything.

So you can use you conscious mind to program what the subconscious mind needs to focus on.  When you do that, you’ll be more likely to have the right intangible thoughts that lead to tangible actions which will ultimately manifest your needs and desires more effectively and efficiently…which of course makes you a luckier person to boot.  Even if you don’t believe in “luck” you can believe that the acronym that’s often associated with the word holds weight–i.e., Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

But beware!  Just as you can program the subconscious mind to focus on manifesting positive outcomes, you can marinate your brain in misery to the point where you’re programming it both actively and passively to crank out negative outcomes.  That’s doubly disastrous.  Look, your life’s probably hard enough already; why make it easier for bad luck or bad outcomes or just negativity in general to find you?

Importantly, the reticular activating system doesn’t specifically distinguish between “actual” reality and “manufactured” reality.  Therefore, your visualizations and goals can program your brain to believe only positive things or negative ones, and when your beliefs and goals are believable, they’re definitely more achievable.  S.M.A.A.R.T. goals are great, but they’re most effective when you’re 100% behind them…creative visualization can certainly make that happen and even in a more enjoyable and effective manner.

It’s all up to you.

It seems that luck really IS believing that you’re lucky.  Your life really is what you make of it…and what you make of it depends on what you think about it.  So make sure that what you think about–and visualize–serves your highest and best interests…your WHY.

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For more information on creative visualization, try Creative Visualization:  Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life, by Shakti Gawain, available on Amazon.




7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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