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Transmutation: How to Turn Your Life Into Gold



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Transmutation of Bad Luck Into Good?

Transmutation seems like a cool power to have.  Don’t you wish you had the ability to turn lead into gold?

I mean…don’t we all?

Sadly, that’s a form of transmutation we can’t master (yet, LOL).  But there IS a way that you can turn bad luck into good.  For real!

Studies have shown that lucky people utilize a variety of psychological techniques in order to overcome and even thrive in the face of bad luck or ill fortune.  They literally make their own luck. If they’re not given good luck to start with, they go out of their way to transmute that bad luck into good luck.  Not bad, right?

You can do it too.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind so that you can become your own luck transmutation expert:

Tip One: Don’t dwell on bad luck!

Seriously, would you rather marinate in misery or get cooking with gas when it comes to finding solutions to your problems?  Your luck won’t change the longer you sit around and sob.  Grieve if you must, but after that, please MOVE ON.

Tip Two: Acknowledge that things could have been worse.

You’re not Job from the Bible.  Sure, when it rains it pours…and you may feel like you have to channel Noah and build an arc…but if you think long enough you’ll know things could have been worse yet.

Tip Three: Be grateful that things were NOT worse and, simultaneously, show gratitude for everything you DO have.

That should start the positive feelings flowing, which will make you more open to a positive/lucky outcome.

Tip Four: Immediately do something to take control of the current situation.

Don’t just stand there; do something!  Immediately!

Then, once you’ve got things in motion, pan backwards long enough to get the lay of the land, obtain and crunch any data at hand, and run your calculations to take even more action.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck because you’re afraid to make a mistake.  Guess what?  Life’s not handing out any guarantees, sister!  Take a calculated risk instead of a garden variety reactionary risk and your odds of the outcome resulting in good luck increase exponentially.

Tip Five: Always expect a positive outcome and keep working until it happens.

Of course, along the way you may learn what doesn’t work so well, so obviously you’re going to keep recalculating until you’re successful.  Just like Thomas Edison when he was creating the lightbulb, you may end up finding 10,000 ways not to do something, but as you do so, you’re narrowing the field until you finally do hit the proverbial bullseye!

Being a transmutation expert when it comes to luck involves hard work, but when it comes to turning the lead of your life into gold, you can do it without any magic, although the end result might really feel magical.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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