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Religion and Luck: How Both Are Connected



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religion and luck

Religion:  Does God Allow For Luck?

Luck vs. Religion.

Stay tuned…this is gonna be good!

The question here is:  Can a believer in God believe in the concept of luck simultaneously?  How does religion and luck intersect, if at all?

Whether you’re a Jew or a Gentile, whether you’re religious, spiritual or, “hey, I just have my own code of personal ethics and that’s plenty, okay?”…can luck otherwise coincide with your everyday beliefs?

Is it something that’s a regular part of your spiritual diet, or is it sprinkled throughout as seasoning.  Or completely absent from your steady fare of beliefs?

Very often, religious believers say that everything that happens in God’s will.  They even describe their talents as “gifts from God.”  Especially in a belief system that operates like this, is there room in it for the concept of luck?  Should there be?

There’s certainly nothing inherently wrong with this sort of belief system…loving God and feeling as though He is with you and the source of all that is beautiful and good…what can be wrong with that?  Respect.

Still and all, an argument can be made that the role that luck plays in life can be one that respects God’s place in the world.  Judaism, for example, believes that God is a rational God…after all, Abraham at one point in the Bible/Old Testament actually argued with Him.  If God is rational, He arguably would not will people to suffer and die.  He would not want bad things to happen, especially to innocent people.

An argument can plausibly be made that God actually allows luck to occur.  God allows the world to proceed, typically without His intervention.  (That’s not to say never, for those who do believe in Him and his ability to answer prayers).  Through all of the religious tomes connected to him (the Torah, the Bible, etc.)  He has provided us with all of the information, instructions and advice in terms of how to conquer evil and live our best lives.

So, no matter what, luck does favor the prepared.  Luck is the residue of design.  Luck can be boiled down to the acronym of Labor Under Direct Knowledge.  Our primary concern should have less to do with asking God what He can do for us and more to do with what we can do for ourselves in a way that would please Him.  If you believe that your talents are God’s gift…great!  What are you doing with those gifts?  Squandering them?  What you do with them really is, as Leo Buscaglia says, your gift back to the world, which of course includes your very own fantastic self!

And, well, if you’re an atheist, you may not view your talents as God’s gift to you…but they’re still talents that you should use for the benefit of yourself and the world around you.  It’s still a gift.  We’re lucky to have both you and your gift.  And if you’re intelligent, diligent, persistent and consistent about applying those gifts toward the achievement of your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals and living in harmony with your WHY, we all win in the end!

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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