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Plan for Your Passion as a Busy Businesswoman



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Plan For Your Passion As A Busy Businesswoman

Plan For Your Passion As A Busy Businesswoman!

Plan for your passion or you’re going to be on the hamster wheel of life with little to no personal satisfaction to show for it, Wise Owl!  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  You’ve heard that hackneyed old phrase so many times you’re ready to bitchslap someone.

Still, what with working women today juggling a ton of flaming batons that can include things like house, spouse, kid(s), worship, commute, work, pursuit of additional education, licenses, certifications, etc., WOW, when is there time for anything else?

Meanwhile, you have to find time, somehow, some way, to do the things that you need to do in order to live more in harmony with your WHY.  If you don’t, you’ll be miserable.

But how can you work on things you’re passionate about more, where said things are an important part of the purpose of your life, without skimping on all of the other important stuff going on?

Stay tuned, I’ve got you covered!

But here’s the thing….

Time management and planning for your passion can intersect nicely.  You can put together all of the pieces of your life in a way that satisfies your on every level.

However, you have to invest some time into setting up the framework for your personal success.  If you put little thought into this then how much improvement do you expect to get?

You deserve better than treating yourself like a quickie afterthought!

4 Steps To Proper Planning

First, as always, you have to know what your WHY is.  Period.  That’s the purpose for your passion, the entire point behind your being alive here on Planet Earth.

It’s kind of a big thing.  So make sure you have that nailed down before going any further.  Otherwise your time management efforts will only end up suffering as a result.

In fact, your failure to concretely nail down your WHY in the first place might account for why your attempts at time management have failed in the past.

You’re never going to stay committed to a time management framework if you lack enough leverage on yourself to follow through…and your WHY gives you that, in spades.

Brute force or guilting yourself into attempting to follow through does not, however.

Just saying….

Second, remember that you must be persistent and consistent in terms of following through with respect to any time management framework that you set down.

Look, this part’s all on you, sister.  Either you’re ready to get serious or you’re not.

You can make a fancy-schmancy routine up as elaborate as advanced nanotechnology.  Or you can buy a gorgeous tangible print planner.  You can even stuff your phone with time management apps.

But without utilizing the leverage that your WHY can give you, you’re gonna keep suffering from a failure to launch or an inability to follow through long-term.


Painful Planning–Or Sacrifice, Sister!

Third, you must be brutally honest about what can hit the cutting room floor.

Sure, you have a busy schedule, but something’s gotta give. If you’ve used an accountability log recently, then you’ve identified spots where you can dump a variety of time-sucks.

And some of the things you must cut in order to paste in your passion-related activities may involve sacrifice on your part.

Unfortunately, you might have to dump a show that’s tucked into your Netflix queue.  I know…you work hard all day long only to come home to handle three kids and a pet Schnauzer.  You’re entitled to unwind.  I get it.

But what if there’s no other time in the day to sacrifice and you’re otherwise not able to work towards living more in harmony with your WHY?

Then you have to give up the good (that naughty show you love!) to go for the great (time spent on your WHY-related passions)!

If you have to find time at work, that may mean dodging that coworker of yours who prattles on with her giddy gossip. Sure, it’s fun and all to indulge her. However, avoid her.  You’ve gotta get crap DONE so that you can get out of the office on time.  Perhaps you could even enjoy a full lunch break away from the clamor and focused on your WHY….

Or you must cancel your gym club membership to stream workouts at home.  Why?  You love the joint, but the commutation time round trip spent just to get there isn’t worth it.

And so on.

You can’t have it all ways.  Find time, scraping your schedule here and there, so that you can redirect it towards what truly lights you up inside.

Plan For Accountability

Fourth, get someone else involved in your WHY-related mix to increase the odds of success.

This can take many shapes.  To keep yourself on the straight and narrow in terms of making time and using it to follow through on your WHY, you may need an accountability buddy.  A pacing partner.  This sort of informal “buddy system” might just fit the bill for you.  If you have someone in mind who can keep you focused, great!  Contact them ASAP!

Get that ball rolling, girl!

If that won’t work for you, that’s cool.  Join a class (online or in-person) that’s connected to you living in harmony with your WHY.  Scrape up time out of your schedule and use it this way.  Why?

This sort of formal activity may be just what you need to keep your commitment to something that your internal critic is trying to decry as a time-waster.  A “selfish” pursuit.

When you join a class, you’re committed to a pursuit that involves other people.  When you see that other people are making a similar commitment to themselves, that will help to shut that inner critic down.

Plus, doing something alone could feel too lonely and un-fun for you.  Working on your WHY in a group setting can keep you from feeling as though you’re sealed off in a vacuum.

Still not “you”?  Maybe hiring a real live life coach for one-on-one support is in order.  You don’t have to meet in person if there’s no extra time for that; you have oodles of tech to leverage today.

Plan For Your WHY-Related Passion NOW

Whatever works.  You know yourself best, Wise Owl.!

The bottom line is, you have to channel Nike and Just Do It.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle anymore.  You’re worth the time, effort and energy it takes to set up a framework for your life that will allow you true fulfillment.  Now get to it!



7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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