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PDA for Yourself? How to Show Self-Love



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PDA: Not Just for Couples Anymore!

Ah, PDA.  Public displays of affection.  We can figure out very quickly what that looks like when a couple is involved.

But PDA for Y-O-U?

Seriously, that’s a thing.  Stick with me here.

What do you do out in public that shows others that you love…yourself?  That you like yourself?  That you respect yourself?  That you’re in a happy, healthy, smart and strong relationship with yourself?

Do you walk tall and strong, head up, back straight, chest open, to illustrate confidence?

Do you smile to project happiness and openness to life?  Like, ever?

Do you leave the house looking like you even attempted to brush your hair, keep your skin clean and perhaps groom a little bit more at the very least, so that if you’re not doing full-on makeup, you at least have a “five-minute face” going on?

Do you dress in clean clothes that are shaped well for the body and size that you currently have?  Your clothes aren’t pilled, sagging, unintentionally shrunken or ripped, or God help you–stained, are they?  Do the heels on your shoes need to be replaced because they’re worn down or breaking off?

Please, for any of the women who’ve read this far and think this is silly, there truly are some women who right now are reading this and nodding their head in agreement.  Closet purges and other “spring cleaning” may very well be in order.  Shoes may need to be re-heeled or replaced.  Haircuts or color touch-ups may be overdue.  People may have fallen out of integrity with keeping up with skincare, even if a dermatologist was previously enlisted, etc.

So…again, stick with me here.

When you walk around slouched, eyes downcast, never cracking a smile and making it obvious through what you wear and otherwise how you behave that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders (even if that’s the legitimately the case), keep in mind–you’re hardly going to attract solutions to your problems that way.  Or positive thinking.  Or positive people.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

But also, you’re showing everyone else around you that you don’t love yourself.  And you’re likely telling yourself negative things before positive things, including but not limited to the fact that you don’t love yourself or that you shouldn’t prioritize sufficient self-care over your worrying.  How can you best work on your WHY and achieve your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals that way?

As the saying goes, “You can pray or worry but you can’t do both at the same time.”

It’s time to turn your self-care and self-image…and ultimately your self-worth…into a prayer to the universe that you believe in yourself and love yourself and that you believe that great things deserve to come your way.  When you take better care of your mind and body, people see it.  They feel it, too.  You’re sending the message to others that you love and respect yourself.

Just the same way that you’d show all those around you how much you love someone ELSE when you smile at them, hold their hand, radiate joy and snuggle them, canoodle with them, etc. out in public.  Everyone around you gets the picture.

Well, folks, you can’t snuggle or canoodle yourself, but the next best thing is to enjoy taking great care of your body and feeding your mind great thoughts, to the point where everyone around you gets that picture, too.

So, be certain to show yourself some PDA.  Whenever you dance…or smile…or walk tall…or otherwise engage in focusing on the positive and self-care…you always turn into a better version of yourself.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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