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Monogamous Minded: How to Love Yourself Best



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monogamous minded

Monogamous Self-Love: Be True to You

Monogamous minded much?

Well, it’s time to embrace some mental monogamy.


Be more true to Y-O-U.  As in, learn to be in an honest, committed relationship with yourself and stop sweating one with other people, for a change.  After all, you’re with yourself 24/7; you’re never going to be with anyone else more than that.  If you’re not the love of your own life but yet you’re going out trying to score love from others, you’re building a house on a cracked foundation, which is destined to fall.

So have a relationship with yourself that, in its own unique way, will always be honest and true.  Never “cheat” on yourself, your values and your ideals by allowing someone else to have complete sway over you.

Here’s some crib notes on how to make this relationship work best:

Step One:  Be honest with yourself.

When you compromise your principles you’re lying to yourself.  When you ignore feelings or try to somehow compartmentalize them, you’re also lying to yourself.  Never ever does that feel good.  If you lied in a relationship with someone else, it would never last and they’d leave you.  Sadly, you’re stuck with your own self for…well…life.  Don’t make this involuntary relationship harder than it needs to be!  Tell the truth and then honor it, just like you would with anyone else you love.

Step Two:  Embrace your uniqueness.

Be who God/the Universe put you here to be.  That’s your destiny.  Life’s too short for you to be anything less. Your WHY will help guide your way to living truthfully and authentically; your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals will serve as the rungs on the ladder you’ll travel to reach your highest and best self.

Step Three:  Never cheat on your values!

Your values are your mental and emotional DNA.  Trying to change your values, especially when they’re high-functioning and positive, should be as difficult as trying to rearrange your molecular DNA.  And yet some women bypass their values to impress a friend, lover, spouse, boss…you name it.  Not good.  We should remain monogamous as to who and what we are and what is most important to us…friends, lovers, bosses, etc. should simply be a reflection of who and what we are, not the other way around.

Step Four:  Be loving to yourself.

Think about it: if you were in a relationship with someone else and wanted to stay monogamous, never break up, remain happy together, etc., would you ever be cruel to them?  Would you catalog everything they’ve done wrong instead of focusing on all of the things they’ve done right?  Would you be marinating in misery and failing to to infuse joy into the relationship?

No way.

If you’re not kind, loving and patient when it comes to yourself, you’re not going to want to stay in that relationship either, except there’s no constructive way to get out of that relationship!  Don’t just make the best of a “bad” situation, work on making your relationship with yourself one that you’ll stay with happily for a lifetime.

Even if you’re a work in progress and not quite “there” yet, that’s cool.  No relationship is perfect–even monogamous ones between two individuals.  Instead of working on perfection, which is impossible, try to work on being whole…and wholly loving towards yourself, in a relationship that you’ll allow no one on Earth to compromise.

You’re your own best girl, after all.  Oscar Wilde had it right:  Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

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