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Luck Be a Lady: How to Get Luckier in Life



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luck 4 principles

4 Ways to Increase Your Luck!

Wanna get lucky?  Then stick with this month-long essay on luck (broken down into 31 posts) because you’ll learn what it is and how you can manifest more of it in your life.

So what is luck, exactly?

Dr. Richard Wiseman spent an entire decade studying the concept of luck and concluded that it is NOT a myth, but is a force–it’s something that we can actually cultivate.

That’s really good news, right?

Ultimately, luck can be boiled down to perspective (or point of view).  It’s a trait that is not a matter of “nature”–it’s decidedly more along the lines of “nurture.”  In his book, “The Luck Factor,” Dr. Wiseman discusses how his work through the years led him to realize that there are four different principles pertaining to luck.

We’ll go back and unpack his four concepts even more in future posts (there will be 31 on this topic, in all), but for now the Four Principles of Luck are:

Principle One:  Lucky People Maximize Chance Opportunities

Lucky people increase whatever it is they need to put in the funnel of their life so as to increase their odds of success.  How do you apply this principle to your life?  It depends, but if you’re a salesperson, for example, studies have shown that 1 out of every 10 people asked to do nearly anything will say yes.  So when your sales pitch is perfected, sometimes increasing your brute force numbers will increase your positive results (in this case, you’ll get more sales).

The upshot is that lucky people create, notice and act upon opportunities.  They network, they’re always filling their funnel with “more” and they’re open to whatever will assist them, whether they encounter it by chance or design.

Principle Two:  Lucky People Listen to Their Golden Gut

Lucky people respect their intuition, their “gut feelings,” if you will.  They also do anything they can to clear the pathway between their brain and their gut, by using meditation or other methods.  Never forget; people are mammals, mammals are animals…and animals have instincts.  Some people have become tone deaf to their instincts.  Lucky people realize they have to clear their minds so that they can more accurately pick up on everything that’s going on around them.

Principle Three:  Lucky People Expect to Be Lucky

Lucky people have expectations that include luck; these expectations feed into what become self-fulfilling prophecies that tend to lead to more positive outcomes.  Don’t lock up and reject this concept out of hand.  A future post will explain why great expectations are important to priming the pump of life to yield successful outcomes.

Principle Four:  Lucky People Transmute Bad Luck to Good

Studies have shown that lucky people employ psychological techniques to handle the challenges that come their way.  In one sense, lucky people are just like everyone else–life brings the good, the bad and the ugly to their doorstep.  What makes lucky people different from those who consider themselves unlucky is what they do with the bad or ugly things that touch their lives.  Again, future posts will be a deeper dive into what they do in order to turn things around; today’s post is simply about just planting the seeds in your mind that you, too, can master such techniques.  They’re out there…and they work!


Mind you, there are many studies, surveys and other examinations of luck performed by far more people that Dr. Richard Wiseman.  We’re going to be exploring these, day by day and post by post, for 31 days straight, diving into the data to see WHY this stuff really does make sense.  If you can increase your luck, you can increase the odds of living in harmony with your WHY and achieving your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals related to that WHY.

But for now, you should begin to feel more positive about your life.  Why?  Because luck is real and even better…it’s something you honestly do have control over!

As the song goes, “Luck be a lady…” Well, if you’re a Woman-101 devotee, you’re a lady.  Why can’t you be lucky, too?  If you’re still fighting the concept, no worries:  we have 30 days to go in this series, so stay tuned!

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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