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love as in self-love


Love Remixed–How to Woo YOU

Ah, love.  Whenever Valentine’s Day approaches, women often think that the world gets divided into two groups: the Haves and the Have-Nots. Who has a relationship and who does not.  

The grass seems to only be greener on one side, not both.  So the Have-Nots might wear black on V-Day, devour a tub of ice cream and get plastered…or maybe even all three of those things!

Meanwhile, not all of the Haves are as deliriously happy on Valentine’s Day as the Have-Nots might think.  After all, being “in a relationship” doesn’t automatically equate to perfect bliss.  Who’s Beloved is cheating on them?  Beating on them?  Verbally abusing them?  Otherwise mistreating them?

Of course, even if some of the Haves’ Beloved Men or Women are treating them perfectly well, that still doesn’t guarantee perfect happiness.  Maybe some of those lasses are falling out of love with their (once) Beloved; maybe they’re growing apart from their spouse or significant other and don’t know how to bridge the gap.

At the end of the day, nothing and nobody is perfect, folks.  NO ONE no one should be wearing black on Valentine’s Day.  Not even the Have-Nots.

Even if you’re a “Have-Not,” you can find the love of your life, have a healthy relationship and live happily ever after.

In fact, you can be so grounded and centered regarding that love that you’ll become more attractive to more people, and you’ll decide who stays and who goes.

You can have the clarity of mind, the strong gut instinct and the happy, healthy, smart and strong heart necessary to know who even deserves to make the cut.

You need never be lonely again.


A happy, healthy, smart and strong relationship is guaranteed with only ONE person on planet Earth—that is, if you know how to go about this relationship properly.

That someone is conveniently with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 in a Leap Year, of course).

That’s YOU.

Don’t abandon ship here!

You must love yourself before someone else can love you.  This saying is regurgitated so often it runs the risk of being automatically dissed and dismissed, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

The KEY to a healthy relationship with yourself is to recognize the fact that you’re a worthy individual.

If you believe in God, you have to know that God made you, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

If you’re an atheist: there is order in the universe.  Study after study proves it, in multiple scientific fields.  Without order there’s chaos and anarchy.

Now, most folks don’t believe in chaos and anarchy and are willing to accept the fact that on some level, we’re all connected.  In fact, according to quantum physics, we’re all part of the same sea of energy that is the universe.  Technically, we’re all made up of particle nature and wave nature, all energy.

See, no matter what you believe, you’re supposed to be here—you’re an important part of reality itself!

Therefore, you’re not wasted space on this Earth.  You need to stop thinking and acting that way.

You’re at least as deserving of your own love than any man or woman could ever hope to be.  The first person you need to woo is YOU; get that relationship right and THEN you can branch out to successfully loving others.

Since you carry yourself around EVERY moment of every day, you shouldn’t simply be resigned to the fact that you’re stuck with someone you hate.

It’s a sad day when the biggest bully in your life is yourself!

Self-love is critical…and can be fun, if you let it.  It’s a key underpinning to having a great WHY and should drive you toward the achievement of S.M.A.A.R.T. goals.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.  More likely than not, whomever’s in your life right now is a reflection of who you are right now.  Bonus Number One to loving yourself right is that you’ll you enjoy every moment of every day better since you’ll enjoy your own perpetual company more.

Bonus Number Two?  Less desirable folks will fall out of your life, making room for new and improved relationships to sprout and blossom.  Maybe one of those will lead to a spouse or life partner….

But the love of your life, first and foremost, should be YOU.

Want to read a book that will help you discover/rediscover yourself?  Try, Discovering Your Soul Signature:  A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy, by Panache Desai, available on Amazon.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
100% guaranteed & spam-free!