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Karma and Luck: How to Improve Both!



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karma and luck

Karma and Its Connection With Luck

Luck versus karma….  Hmmm…. You’ve no doubt heard of instant karma if you’ve heard of John Lennon.  (If not, Google away).

But what about the concept of instant luck?  And is there a connection between both the concepts of karma and luck?  If so…why would it matter to you?

Karma has been defined as the belief that your deeds shape your past, present and even your future.  Luck has often been defined as an acronym:  “labor under correct knowledge.”

An argument can be made that if you:
(a)  properly pre-frame your mind for success;
(b)  and set appropriate goals that will help you live in harmony with your WHY or reason for living;
(c)  you’ll therefore thoroughly prepare to achieve your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals by combing through the facts and data related to both your goals and desired outcome and be more likely to take calculated risks and not just engage in risky behavior;
(d)  which would lead you to be both attentive and open-minded, where you’ll never miss an opportunity;
(e)  which means you’d nearly always be laboring under correct knowledge, resulting in “lucky” outcomes.

When people get what they want–well, they’ll call it good luck, good karma.  When they fail to get what they want, they dub it bad luck or bad karma.  It’s as though things just sort of “happen” when folks default to such conclusions.  But everything isn’t just driven by chance…honestly.  There is a cause and effect pattern in existence.  Whatever you do (or fail to do) sows the seeds of the harvest you’ll reap in the future.

So…no, I don’t think that karma or luck is instant (9 times out of 10, anyway).  There’s a lot of prep-work to do to achieve your goals and live in harmony with your WHY.  But if you’re laboring under correct knowledge and remain open-minded and positive about your possibilities, well…how isn’t that good karma (where your actions are shaping your present and future) and how can that fail to result in good luck (where you achieve your outcome)?

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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