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Screen: How to Improve Your Self-Esteem With a Screen



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screen out negativity


Screen Out Negativity to Upgrade Your Self-Esteem

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a screen through which you could run all of the input you receive from life so your self-esteem didn’t get pummeled so much?

You know, a barrier that would protect you from the majority of life’s arrows hurled to your face and the daggers plunged in your back?

Wish granted!  Such a thing does exist.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you’re already in possession of this screen and can use it whenever you choose.

Why is this bad news?

Because it means that going forward, it’s your choice to evil people rent space in your head.

The bullies, trolls and haters all have the power that you give them.  When you’re angry at them, it’s like taking poison, expecting the other person to die, because you’ve failed to screen their evil out of your head and heart and instead, amazingly, are marinating in the misery they’re dishing out to you.

Sure, bad stuff hits the screen.  You’re likely going to flinch when the nonsense first comes into contact with you.  That’s an essential part of being human; we react to things.

What’s amazing is that though such thoughts and initial reactions aren’t even a great place to visit, you don’t visit it–you end up living there in your mind!

Knowing that you have the ability to screen this sort of negative input out after you’ve initially encountered it is the just the first step in getting control over your thoughts.

The next step is to reinforce that screen so that you can delete the drama instead of copying and pasting it everywhere inside your brain.

How best to do this?

*    Let it go, don’t live with it!

As soon as you find you’re getting into negative-thought-repetition-mode, acknowledge that the negativity bumped into your screen, but simultaneously recognize that it’s your choice to allow the negativity to pass through the screen to baste your brain with it.  Let it bounce up against the screen and fall away from you, period.  You need to focus on your WHY and achieving the S.M.A.A.R.T. goals that will take you there!

*     Stop kicking the nastiness up 10,000 notches!

Again, negativity should bounce off your screen; you shouldn’t be picking it back up and magnifying it.  Stop playing the “what if” game with it, imagining the worst possible outcomes and meanings.  Something didn’t go right, someone didn’t like you or love you, etc.  Okay, the desired outcome didn’t occur.  Instead of blowing things up in your mind, every time you catch yourself with a bad thought that should have been screened out, PIVOT to a more positive thought, an outcome that did go right, or at the very least FOCUS on what you can learn and do differently about X moving forward.

*     Do NOT latch onto the negativity and assume responsibility for it–where it’s not otherwise warranted.

If you caused something to happen and it wasn’t so great, sure, you assume responsibility.  You learn the lesson, find the gift in the garbage and move on.  But internalizing everything especially where it isn’t directly warranted is something that needs to stop.  Your self-esteem deserves better!  Honestly take stock of how much direct control or direct influence you really had on something.  Odds are, the answer is…not so much!

So stop taking ownership of every last bad and sad thing in life.  React, Acknowledge, learn whatever lesson need be learned, where applicable…and then move on and groove on.

Learn to screen for a healthy self-esteem!

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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