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upping the odds

Odds Are You Need A Change!

Do the odds never seem to be in your favor?  If it weren’t for bad luck, would you have no luck at all?  Do you feel like things won’t ever change for you?

It turns out, they can…if you change up your odds of success in life.  In a previous post, we discussed how one of the four Principles of Luck involved maximizing one’s chance opportunities. Lucky people, studies have shown, are adept at not only acting on chance opportunities when they come across them, but are especially skilled at being on the lookout for them in the first place.

The average woman is too busy flitting from task to task, running around like a chicken with its head cut off and/or with her hair on fire.

But the problem with this multi-task-to-the-max mentality is that there’s barely a moment to breathe, let alone look around for “chance opportunities” to pop up so you can drop the twelve things you’re doing to take advantage of them.

So what to do?  We want to get luckier in life, right?  We’d love it if Lady Luck cut us some major slack, but the inescapable truth is, we have to work with her.

There’s a saying that’s very applicable:  “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”  Want Lady Luck’s help?  Be flexible.  Be willing to cut down on the busywork of life to allow the time for your desire to change to actually work.

If you’re mired in staying the same and telling yourself the story of why you can’t change, then you’re never changing. Ever.

To escape the endless loop you’re living in, harness your desire to maximize your opportunities and go with it!  Here are 4 steps on how to do just that.

Step One: Get firm as to your WHY.

Once you nail down your WHY you’ve got the yardstick against which you can measure your life from now on.

Step Two: Make sure you’ve set S.M.A.A.R.T. goals.

(Note: You also need these goals to be believable so they’re achievable.)

Step Three: Have your life set up to be Success Central.

It’s important to set up the proper framework for life and how you work with it moving forward.

Step Four: Up the odds of your exposure to opportunities that can be promising for you.

Once you’ve laid the above groundwork, you should now have a clear understanding of who you are, what you really want, and how to get there, along with a worldview of what’s best for YOU.

That’ll give you a better idea as to how to up your odds of being exposed to people and situations who can help you achieve your WHY.  You might even find your Dream Team.

Perhaps you’ll need to run your chores in a different neighborhood to meet different people.

Maybe you’ll attend seminars or courses (online, in person or both) to expose yourself not just to different people, but new information, new data, new advice, which yields new thoughts and behaviors.

You might want to join various groups or organizations that might take your life to another level.

Yes, all of this stuff involves time.  But the odds will never be in your favor if you don’t change up what you’re doing.  Some things (and even some relationships) will have to hit the cutting room floor.  Embrace that; you can’t have everything.

But that’s okay.

You should only have exactly what you want; anything else is a waste of your time and effort.  If you don’t want what you’re currently getting, use the negativity of that experience as the coal to fuel the fire of your future success, so you can find the wherewithal to change and NOT stay the same.

The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be.

May the odds ever be in your favor.  If they’re not now, change things up and they soon will be.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
100% guaranteed & spam-free!