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Enhancing Self-Worth: How to Improve Self-Worth



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enhancing self-worth

Enhancing Your Self-Worth in 15 Steps

Want a cheat sheet for enhancing your self-worth?

Today’s your lucky day! Here it is!

  1. Face your fears.  An express route to enhancing self-worth is to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and see that you lived to tell the tale!  Which leads us to….
  2. Take CALCULATED risks.  There’s a difference between risky behavior and taking risks where you’ve prepared yourself for both victory and defeat and educated yourself just enough to make the move without overthinking things.
  3. Pivot any negative thoughts into positive ones ASAP.  So if you want to groan over making a mistake, you should immediately turn your thoughts to what you DID do right, what you learned from the mistake, etc.
  4. Accept assistance from others.  Don’t let your pride be your undoing.  Hubris is for fools.  If someone offers to help you, it’s an indication that they find you worthy of their time and efforts.  A key factor in enhancing your self-worth is that you agree with them and start throwing yourself into self-care to pump up the quality of your life.
  5. Offer assistance to others.  Enhancing your self-worth doesn’t mean you’re focused on you, glorious you all the time.  Life’s all about the buddy system.  We’re all in this together.  So help others out, which makes you a more valuable person in the eyes of others and…wait, that brings us back to you, glorious you, doesn’t it?  WARNING: Be careful that you’re not giving too much that you deplete your own reserves!  That’s not self-care; it’s self-destruction.
  6. Be honest with yourself and others.  Enhancing self-worth means you’re strengthening the belief that you’re WORTHY.  A worthy person is not a liar.  Period.  Moving on….
  7. Stop the gossiping, please!  Find another way to entertain yourself.  A worthy person is NOT a gossip.  Whenever you act disrespectfully, on a subconscious level at the very least you’re increasing the evidence that you’re not a worthy person.
  8. Know what your core values are, and why they’re related to your WHY.  Enhancing your self-worth should never involve subtracting anything from the values you hold most dear, which are related to your WHY.
  9. Dump all of the emotional vampires, bad influences and go-nowhere kind of people that are currently cluttering up the viewfinder of your life.  These people are probably violating your core values and/or not living in harmony with your WHY, anyway.  Find new folks that are and work with them.
  10. Reward yourself whenever possible.  Nothing’s going to enhance your self-worth more than you catching yourself doing something RIGHT instead of focusing on everything you believe you’re doing wrong.  Shift that perspective to the positive and even better…enjoy yourself!
  11. Forgive yourself for anything that happened in the past–and should STAY there.  Your self-worth will increase tenfold whenever you dump the baggage you’ve been dragging around.
  12. Walk tall and proud.  Shame, hatred and anger are such expensive emotions–it’s time to live from moment to moment and make new and better decisions every single moment of every single day.  That will take you someplace far better than you were in the past which, as discussed above, should be left behind, NOT carried forward.
  13. Engage in physical self-care that will boost your self-worth.  Dress and groom yourself in a way that publicly illustrates your love for yourself.  P.S.–enjoy the process, since you’re worth every moment of it!
  14. Know your place in the universe.  Enhancing self-worth means that you’re increasing your belief that you’re worthy.  Worthy of what?  Worthy of deserving this place in the world!  Do you believe in God?  Get right with God!  Do you believe in something or someone else?  Ground and center, be balanced, etc.  Don’t believe in any of that stuff?  Then believe that there’s order in the universe; believe in order and not chaos; humanity as a family and not anarchy; and believe you have a right to be amongst us all, with a point and a purpose to your life…which would be your WHY.
  15. Polish up that WHY and run with it.  Every S.M.A.A.R.T. goal you achieve to get there will be another notch on your belt, which will give you more reason to celebrate and walk tall and proud.  Work on your WHY daily.

See how this all works?  Now go apply this knowledge every moment of every day…and enjoy putting your self-worth on steroids!  Even small changes daily compound over time to give you ginormous results!

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

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