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Change Your Life Around: Kick It Up A Notch



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kick it up a notch

Kick Your Image AND Your Life Up a Notch!

Do you want to change your life around in a global sense?  Kick things up a notch!  Some people certainly convince themselves that they’re functioning pretty well, and they have it all together.  Their motto is: Hey, it’s all good!

BUT maybe that’s the problem…things are good…when they should be great.  And when it comes to self-love, why settle for anything less than the best?

So, take things to the next level in terms of your image and overall life in 5 steps!

Step One:  Kick things up a notch physically.

For example, say you work out 3 times a week.  Can you do 5 times a week?  Are you taking a multivitamin?  Can you check in with your healthcare provider(s) or a nutritionist to see if that’s enough supplementation for you?  Can you go to the salon and try something that’s maybe not totally different, but a remix of the “safe” song you’ve got going on?  Do you need to freshen up your skincare, your makeup, your clothes?

When it comes to matters impacting your health specifically, ALWAYS get clearance from your healthcare provider(s) before making a change.

Step Two:  Kick things up a notch mentally.

Check in with your mental healthcare provider(s).  Do NOT recoil here–statistics show that 1 in 4 people globally will experience a mental health issue at one point in their life.

Are you meditating?  No?  You should.  Study after study shows that even 5 minutes of it a day is great for your mental well-being.

Now ask yourself…should you go back and get that:  (a) license; (b) certification; or (c) degree in X?  Probably.  Even taking an online course and/or adult education class can keep the old noggin growing instead of declining.

Step Three:  Kick things up a notch emotionally.

Honestly, that trip to the mental healthcare provider may be in order.  If not, there’s  still other ways to improve things emotionally.  What have you done to expand your circle of friends?  Is the well of your social life clean and sparkling or is it a dull cesspool that needs to be flushed and fed a fresh water supply?

Also keep in mind–learning more not only helps your brain, but your heart, too.  You have more self-confidence because you’ll have more skills, which increases your overall competency.

Furthermore, learn to say NO more.  Every time you put something on your to-do list, take something else off.  Emotionally, you’ll feel like you lost 100 pounds!

Step Four:  Kick things up a notch financially.

Do you have six to eight months’ worth of expenses put aside in an emergency fund (a year if you’re self-employed)?  Terrific.  You’re not done.  How’s your retirement fund looking?  Can you pump things up there?

If you have credit card debt, can you kick things up a notch in terms of reducing it faster by reviewing your finances and seeing how you can make more than the minimum payments each month?

Is it time to take on that side-hustle that’s related to your WHY and your S.M.A.A.R.T. goals so that you can bootstrap with the day job until you’re ready to fully commit to your WHY-driven passions full-time?  (You make more money and feel great when you do what you love!)

Step Five:  Kick things up a notch spiritually.

If you’re religious, spiritual or at least someone who has a moral/ethical compass, yes, this section is for all of you.

If you’re RELIGIOUS, look at your daily/weekly discipline and ask yourself–are you doing enough?  For example, if you go to church on Sundays, is that good enough (by your own standards)?  If not, how to supplement it?  Bible study groups?  Joining or volunteering in related organizations?

If you’re SPIRITUAL but not necessarily religious, look at your daily/weekly practices and ask yourself:  do you have any?  Are they making you happy?  What would make you happier still?  How can you get more connected to God or the Universe even more?

If you’re more of a MORAL/ETHICAL person, look at how you currently live your life.  Are you happy with it?  Great.  How can you live your life even more upright than ever before?  Have you ever even gotten crystal clear on exactly what serves as your moral guide/compass, or what specific values drive you?  How can you better use that knowledge so that you’re living a life that’s even better still?

In conclusion, good is nice and all…but why not remix the song of your image and your life overall so that it’s even better?  Go for it!  Leave that plateau you’ve gotten so accustomed to, so that…BAM!  You’ve kicked things up a notch!

Emeril Lagasse would be so proud of you.

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7 Proven Steps for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers!

It's free, girl!
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